The National Stage Company of Canada was formed by Award-Winning International Producer, Director, and Writer Anthony James in January 2020 as a multi-faceted professional production company. With several creative divisions including live theatre, dance, and concert production, the company is a robust arts institute that strives to add to the rich and vibrant artistic and cultural landscape of Canada, and the world.

With a primary goal of presenting top-quality productions on a global level, the company is also committed to providing paid contracts to both non-union and emerging artists, ongoing opportunities for performers to work directly alongside established and award-winning international entertainers on a national and international level and through the creation and implementation of specialized programs that help enhance and further career development skills and individual talents and creativity. These initiatives are delivered in an all-inclusive environment that fosters, aids, and supports each individual artists personal ambition, while at the same time providing the necessary tools and guidance needed to advance careers in a steady, focused, and balanced way. 



Like our name implies, our goal is to produce, develop, and present a broad range of high quality, professional productions at the local, provincial, national, and international level that will leave our audiences with an experience...of joy, of laughter, of drama, of music, of intrigue.



The National Stage Company of Canada is a professional arts organization who's primary objective is to aid, support and engage semi-professional and emerging performing artists in its presentations and to act as a career advancing platform for those seeking to make the creative arts a full-time profession. With the creation and presentation of diverse, inspiring, stimulating, accessible, and quality professional productions that reach a broad cross-section of communities, the National Stage Company of Canada strives to not only create ongoing professional opportunities for artists, but deliver performances the public will come to recognize as being valuable to our global cultural and artistic landscape. 


1. Committed to serving the public through the presentation of fully produced professional entertainment performances. 

2. Development of local, regional and national talent that include established and emerging performing artists, musicians and production designers, where their creative skills are recognized, nurtured, and highlighted at a professional level. 


3. Educational and community outreach programming that expose the general public to the various aspects of the arts and the essential requirements needed to produce professional entertainment including interactive, educational, and instructional camps, lectures, workshops, masterclasses, conferences and talk backs with professional artists and designers.

4. The creation of an Arts Scholarship Program designed to help advance the career goals and objectives of emerging performing artists. 

5. Open studio days aimed at enriching the community and revealing the wealth of talent, both on and off stage, within Canada and beyond. 


6. Development of a Pre-Professional Apprentice, Work Experience and Mentorship Program that encourages young emerging artists and business leaders to pursue a full-time career in the performing arts.



Within a global market thirsty for more professional performances, The National Stage Company of Canada is poised to become a leader in the theatrical category by producing a wide selection of presentations that stimulate the creative mind and increase the overall appreciation of the arts.  



The National Stage Company of Canada provides accessible presentations to audiences beyond the touring range of other theatre companies; encourages excellence and high-standards in all aspects of its work; and thrives to enrich the lives of the community by presenting versatile productions that help raise its artistic and cultural standing on the global stage.