“Being apart of The National Stage Company Of Canada has been an inspiring and uplifting experience for me. The director’s enthusiastic and motivating approach lets each and every company member grow and utilize their talents in their own unique way, creating a professional, focused, and enjoyable atmosphere for the performers and audience members. The company members are talented individuals who are committed to the performing arts and are dedicated to each other with encouragement and positive support. The experience of being a part of this company has been extremely rewarding in the continuous growth of my confidence and I can see a huge improvement in my performance and choreography abilities. I truly believe this company with its abilities to educate, grow, and inspire is an impactful aspect to the community of the performing arts.”

Makayla Madill – Founding Company Artist | Resident Associate Dance Captain

“The National Stage Company of Canada is such an incredible opportunity for our daughters to experience. They continue to be encouraged and supported to be at their growth edge as performers and creators, while continually valued for their skills and dedication to what they love. We are so grateful for Tony’s passionate vision of what is possible for the members of this company and the performing arts in our community”.


Steve and Leanna Madill - Parent


“My experience with the "The National Stage Company of Canada" would be one of "Dream fulfilling", and stretching me as an artist. I have pursued and wished for a career in the entertainment industry all of my life. I have had many great opportunities along the way but have been working to pay the bills, as we performers often do. Working with NSCC I feel my dreams are within my grasp. I am looking forward to where my path takes me and where NSCC leads me. Thank you National Stage Company of Canada for giving me this opportunity.”

Ron Caissie – Founding Company Artist


“My experience with the National Stage Company of Canada is so fun and professional. I have found it so exciting and engaging. My singing and acting have developed so much already by being part of this company. The director is super supportive and creative and always has our backs. He has great ideas and hopes for the future as well as great communication skills. The company members are super dedicated and so talented. We always feel valued and inspired. We support each other and make a friendly environment. The future promises so much growth for me and all of the company”.

Samantha Madill – Founding Company Artist    


“The future for The National Stage Company of Canada is promising, exciting and I believe it has a lot to offer the world of theatre. I have been extremely inspired by being a part of this company. We continue to be encouraged and guided to be at our best, both when practicing and in front of an audience. Rehearsals are always organized and focused, and the director is professional, hardworking and has incredible visons that he brings to life. He really believes in his performers and is passionate to bringing powerful and impressive entertainment to the community. Our company members are talented, supportive and dedicated to the performing arts and each other. I laugh and enjoy myself when I am with them! I look forward to sharing our shows with the community.”

Mariah Madill – Founding Company Artist | Resident Associate Dance Captain


“The National Stage Company of Canada is bringing incredible opportunities to our son, who is a young emerging artist.  At this stage in his professional development, we feel that mentorship, learning, and growth within a supportive and nurturing environment are of the utmost importance, and NSCC is meeting these needs in every way.  Not only is our son receiving amazing casting opportunities and top-notch direction from Managing Artistic Producer, Tony James, but he is also benefiting greatly from working alongside the other talented artists who have formed this company.  We are thrilled about the wide array of upcoming specialized workshops and master classes, where company members will have the chance to soak up the knowledge and expertise of internationally renowned guest teachers in areas such as dance, theatre and voice.  NSCC has created an environment that encourages, inspires, and pushes each artist to reach their full potential. It has been clear from the start that each individual artist’s talents are recognized and valued, with the goal of providing the right tools and opportunities to allow them to shine, and share their gifts on stage. Although the global pandemic has changed the pace and format of NSCC’s inaugural productions, we know the spirit and passion that is behind this company, and are excited to see it take off!”

Sarah McIntosh & Tom Rahme - Parents


“Being a part of the National Stage Company has been an honour. The professionalism displayed has led me to strive to do my best and learn what is needed to excel while performing. It has been a gift to be able to learn from the best and be a part of a group of such talented people”

Kate Niedjalski – Founding Company Artist


“NSCC is a very professional, well-organized theatre company that I am happy to be part of. I am a new member having joined this year and am excited to see where it takes me. The opportunities are endless and the encouragement and support from everyone are awesome. Tony’s directing and professionalism is fantastic. I can't wait to perform with the company in the upcoming season.”

Caelan Veenstra – Founding Company Artist