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A National Stage Company of Canada Premiere Presentation
Directed & Produced By: Tony James


Canadian Performing Artist



JESSICA PAXMAN as the Narrator and KEEGAN ZAPOROZAN as Pharaoh


The play opens with the Narrator finding an old book, picking it up, blowing off the dust, and starting to read. The story she relates is of a young dreamer, a man named Joseph—the same Joseph whose story is told in the Book of Genesis.

Joseph, as you may remember, was born into a family of twelve boys, all the sons of Jacob. Joseph is Jacob’s favorite son, and, to show everyone that he is pleased with him, Jacob gives Joseph a splendid multi-colored coat. However, this coat, along with Joseph’s talk of dreams he has had showing he will be the ruler of his brothers, arouse the jealousy of the other eleven. They decide to kill him, but before they get the chance, they meet up with the group of Ishmaelites traveling to Egypt. A plan is hatched, and they sell their brother as a slave instead.

So Joseph is taken off to Egypt, and his brothers return to tell their father that his favorite son is dead, producing his wonderful coat—which they have stained with the blood of a goat—as proof.

Potiphar, a powerful man in Egypt, takes Joseph into his household as a slave. While there Joseph works so hard and is so honest, that Potiphar begins to admire him greatly.

Unfortunately, he also catches the eye of his master’s wife, who tries to seduce him. When Potiphar catches them together, he assumes the worst (even though Joseph is innocent) and sends Joseph to prison. While there Joseph meets two of Pharaoh’s servants, a butler and a baker, both of whom have had strange dreams. Joseph interprets their dreams, correctly telling their future.

In the meantime, Pharaoh, the most powerful man in Egypt, has also been having unusual dreams. No one can interpret these dreams, so Pharaoh is intrigued when he hears of the young slave’s ability. He immediately has Joseph brought before him to interpret his dreams.

Joseph offers his interpretation, that seven years of bounty will be followed by seven years of famine, and Pharaoh is so impressed that he appoints Joseph to a post in the government. He will be in charge of storing food for the upcoming hard times.

When the famine does hit, Joseph’s father and brothers in Canaan are ill-prepared. They hear that there is food available in Egypt, so the brothers travel there to beg for assistance. Once there, they are brought before Joseph who recognizes them immediately even though they do not know him. He tests their honesty and humility by planting a golden chalice in the sack of his brother, Benjamin, to see what they will say. When confronted with the supposed evidence of theft, the brothers maintain the boy’s innocence and offer to let themselves be taken prisoner instead.

Joseph sees that his brothers have changed, so, to everyone’s great joy, he reveals his true identity. Finally, Jacob is brought to Egypt to join his family and to again see his beloved son at last.


Executive Producer | Stage Director: ​Tony James

Musical Direction: Joe Hatherill

Resident Vocal Coach: Jessica Paxman

Resident Choreographer: Charli Findlay

Associate Dance Captains: Mariah & Makayla Madill

Executive Scenic Designer: Matthew Piton

Executive Production/Stage Manager: Sadie Dufour

Executive Scenic Artist: Alicia Shalapata

Executive MUA/Hair Designer: Amelia Trottier 

Associate Props Manager: Ocean Edgington

Executive Wardrobe Designer: Krishna Buysschaert

Assistant Scenic Construction Provided By:

Pacific Opera Victoria

“Jubilant... What keeps the show alive is its delight in simple storytelling, the bounce of Tim Rice’s lyrics and the merry eclecticism of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score, which embraces country and western, calypso, French chanson and Elvis-style rock... There is wit in Lloyd Webber’s willingness to try different styles and in Rice’s verbal dexterity.”

Michael Billington, The Guardian






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Reuben is an 18 year old musical theatre tenor who has been singing and performing his entire life. Throughout these years Reuben has been part of many musicals and plans to study musical theatre at University.

Some of his show credits include, 'Mary Poppins', 'The Sound of Music', 'Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' and 'The Secret Garden', among many others. Reuben has been taking professional singing lessons for over 3 years now with Julie Duerichen, and continues to advance his techniques at every turn. Reuben has a very close relationship with his family and they constantly support him with his dreams and his musical career.

Reuben is excited to be working with “The National Stage Company of Canada” and with Tony for the second time, after having the first time be such an amazing experience for him. 



Jessica is a dedicated performing arts professional with more than 20 years of experience both on and off the stage. She brings passion and musical expertise as a founding member, company performer and resident vocal coach with the National Stage Company of Canada.

Jessica’s musical background is strengthened by more than 15 years of professional vocal training.  In addition to vocals, she is also proficient in piano and guitar. Her passion for music has led her to unique mentorship opportunities, including ongoing work as a music instructor for children of all ages in Victoria, B.C. She is also a private voice instructor. 

In addition to her varied musical expertise, Jessica is a well-rounded performing artist. She spent 6 years studying ballet, modern and Ukrainian dance, and she appeared in a variety of commercials and advertisements with CHEK television in her youth. 

Jessica’s most recent experience includes working as music director on the production Thirteen, starring as Miss Honey in Matilda, and playing Potiphar’s wife in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

Jessica lives in Victoria, B.C. with her husband, Matthew, and their four children.

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Keegan has been involved in musical theatre since his grade 11th year at Sardis Secondary School. His love for theatre and acting has only grown over the years as he is about to start his fourth year studying theatre at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Some of his most cherished memories and favorite rolls he has played in theatre are that of, his first show, ‘Legally Blonde’ playing Prof. Callaghan, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat’ playing the Pharaoh, and most recently in a pop up show from the University of the Fraser Valley titled ‘Dog sees God’ playing the role of Matt.

He enjoys spending time with his loved ones and all of his geek hobbies; he also considers the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy his inspiration for acting as well as what sparked his love for fantasy and story telling.

Keegan would like to thank his family and friends for their support on this journey.



Andrew Lloyd Webber was born in Kensington, London, United Kingdom, on March 22, 1948. He is the oldest son of William Lloyd Webber and Jean Hermione. He has a younger brother named Julian Lloyd Webber. He comes from a musical family. His father was a director of the London College of Music, an organist, and a composer. His mother was a violinist and a piano teacher, and his brother is a highly celebrated solo cellist.

Andrew displayed his talents when he was just a toddler. At the age of three, he played the piano, the violin, and the French horn. By six years of age, he started to write his own music. At age nine, he composed six short pieces called The Toy Theatre Suite, which were published in Music Teacher Magazine. Andrew also produced little dramas in a toy theater that he built himself. His brother Julian and his Aunt Viola helped out with his mini-theater productions.

When Andrew Lloyd Webber was 17, Tim Rice sent him a letter, and this began a long collaboration between the two playwrights. Written in 1965, their first work was The Likes of Us, which wasn't performed until 2005. Webber and Rice went on to write many successful productions, such as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, and Cricket.

in the 1980's, Webber went on to write two of his best known works, Cats and Phantom of the Opera. Cats was his longest-running show in both New York and London. In New York, it ran for 18 years, and in London it was performed for 21 years. Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show on Broadway and has been seen by over 130 million people in 145 cities in 27 countries. Filled with unforgettable music and dramatic special effects, Phantom of the Opera is Webber's most well-known work.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has won numerous awards, one Academy, one Golden Globe, four Grammy Awards, seven Tony Awards, and several others. Some of his most recognizable works are Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, and Phantom of the Opera. Due to his impressive musical contributions, Webber is one of the most significant composers in the 20th century.



Timothy Miles Bindon Rice was born on 10th November 1944 in Shardeloes, an English country house in Buckinghamshire, near Amersham. The site was requisitioned as a maternity hospital during World War II, and with his parents, Hugh Gordon Rice, being in the a major in the British Army, and Joan Odette, in the WAAF (Women's Auxiliary Air Force) this was not an unusual circumstance during this period. Tim studied at three different independent schools before working as an articled clerk for a law firm in London rather than studying at University.

It was the head of Arlington Books, Desmond Elliot, who knew Andrew Lloyd Webber and the fact that he was seeking a new lyricist. In 1965 Tim wrote to Andrew and shortly after they met and started working together. Tim soon moved to EMI Records where he was assistant to producer Norrie Paramour. When Paramour left EMI and set up his own organisation Tim followed to serve as his personal assistant. The first project he and Andrew collaborated on was based on the life story of Dr. Barnardo, at the suggestion of Elliot, and over the subsequent months they began working on the piece (this saw Andrew first take a sabbatical from his studies at Oxford University, then decide not to return there and concentrate on music full-time). The show was called The Likes of Us and did not provide them with a performance of any kind. It was later staged in 2005, in its 40th Anniversary year.

The first show to achieve success for the newly established partnership was Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which they created for 1st March 1968. Colet Court School was looking for an 'end of term' piece and choirmaster Alan Doggett was a friend of Andrew Lloyd Webber's. Although it was only originally designed for the school the show has had songs added and been staged to huge success all over the world for the last 45 years. Andrew happened to approach Sefton Myers over creating a 'Pop' museum. Although Myers was uninterested in the museum he was, however, interested in the copy of Joseph that accompanied the proposal. This led to Andrew and Tim signing a three year songwriting deal. Rice gave up his work for Norrie Paramour to concentrate solely on the songwriting with Lloyd Webber. After initial ideas, for one based on King Richard and the Crusades (Tim would later come back to this idea) and one for the story of King Saul, were rejected the pair set about creating a new show based on the final days of Jesus Christ. As the concept was quite controversial it was decided that the project would be for a concept album. Jesus Christ Superstar was released in 1970. The success of the single Superstar launched Tim and Andrew into a very different world from the early success of Joseph and saw the young men touring the world performing interviews and promoting the album. The stage show was practically guaranteed from this point although it did take another two years to reach the stage production.

The follow up to Jesus Christ Superstar saw the two part ways as Rice wished to work on an idea based on the life story of Eva Peron whilst Lloyd Webber wished to work on an adaptation of the works of P.G. Wodehouse. Alan Ayckbourn went on to create the lyrics for By Jeeves which didn't receive the same approval from the audience as the earlier Rice & Lloyd Webber successes. Andrew therefore came on board with what became Evita. In 1978, when the show was released in the UK, the main ballad of the show Don't Cry For Me Argentina soared to the Number 1 position, firmly establishing Rice & Lloyd Webber as one of the most successful songwriting partnerships of the 1970s. When the film was created in 1996 both Tim & Andrew received an Oscar for the new song they had created for the movie You Must Love Me.

Despite their great success of the 1970s Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber has not collaborated a great deal since. In 1983 Rice created Blondel with composer Stephen Oliver. This was a comedic jaunt through the life and times of King Richard and the Crusades (one of those ideas from his earlier years). In 1981 Tim had also met with Abba songwriters Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus to discuss ideas for a new musical. In 1984 the collaboration resulted in Chess, first released as a concept album in 1984, which told a fictional tale based on the Cold War hysteria surrounding the Chess world in the 1970s. In the UK in 1985 I Know Him So Well reached number 1 for Barbara Dickson and Elaine Paige. Also in the same year One Night in Bangkok topped the charts in 11 countries. Both songs were taken from the musical. Subsequent productions went on around the world including in the UK in 1986 and Broadway in 1988.

Tim was signed to Disney in 1991 to begin work on a film that would become The Lion King but when Alan Menken's collaborator, friend and lyricist, Howard Ashman, passed away Tim was asked to step in complete the songs for Aladdin. In 1992 Tim Rice and Alan Menken won best Oscar for Best Original Song for A Whole New World. The Lion King was released in 1994 and this time Tim had collaborated with Pop Superstar and Songwriter Elton John. Can You Feel The Love Tonight from the film won he and John another Oscar, again for Best Original Song in 1995. With the Oscar in 1996 for the song You Must Love Me from Evita Tim had collected three Oscars in only 5 years for Best Original Song.

In 1997 Menken and Rice created the piece King David, based on the life of the biblical character, to re-open Disney's refurbished New Amsterdam Theatre. With Elton John Tim had written Aida in 1996 which went on to be staged in 1998. The song Written In The Stars, featuring the voices of Elton and Leanne Rimes, reached Number 2 in the US charts for 4 weeks.

Tim continues to write but less on a musical front nowadays. He created the Guinness Book of Hit Singles with several collaborators over two decades and has created solo songs for the likes of Freddie Mercury, Placido Domingo, David Essex and even Elvis Presley. In 2013 he produced and lyricised the musical From Here To Eternity which ran for 7 months in the West End.


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