The idea to create an international performing arts company that provided semi-professional and emerging artists with opportunities to expand their creative imaginations, industry knowledge and artistic ambitions started long before I arrived back to my native Victoria 2 years ago. Right from day one, I was seeing and hearing from artists about their desire to advance their careers in a more professional capacity. This interest showed me that through connecting emerging artists with established professionals, the opportunities provided would not only enhance their individual drive and determination to pursue a full-time professional career, but also provide them with an ongoing platform in which to showcase their evolving talents in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.. 

Along with a commitment to invest the necessary time, resources, finances and career development programming needed to make the dreams of these artists a reality, the company prides itself on supporting each artists individual goals in a tailored, comprehensive and direct way that best prepares and equips them with with the necessary tools, skills, support, education and encouragement needed to advance their career objectives. By acting as a bridge between the amateur and professional levels, the National Stage Company of Canada welcomes emerging performers from across the globe to be part of high quality productions that elevate, inspire, and connect audiences to our talented and versatile performers in ways that leave a lasting impact and impression. 

In closing. With your generosity and support I am confident our endeavors will embody all the necessary ingredients required to enrich and enhance the lives of our performers, musicians and designers, along with the kind and gracious patrons who make up the core of our audience. Our accomplishments will be measured by the quality of the work we present and through the investment of those who see the value in our vision. 

We look forward to hosting you at one of our performances whether here in Canada, or internationally. 



Mr. Anthony James

Managing Artistic Producer | Director

The National Stage Company of Canada