From time to time The National Stage Company of Canada holds press conferences to provide the public with details about its strategic long-term operations, business progress, creative achievements, and artistic developments. These press conferences also act as a means to formally announce the launch of new seasons, special red-carpet events, visiting international guest stars, new major foundation, corporate, and government partnerships, along with both domestic and international scheduled tours, to name just a few.

As a company it is important to us that we schedule interactive press conferences, so that the press core has a chance to ask questions, and for the company to emphasize points of interest not listed within the press advisory.


All media will be notified within 2 weeks of the press conference to allow advance preparation to be conducted in an efficient and timely manner, and for press to be able to meet media deadlines.

Press Conferences will be held on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday and will be scheduled between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.


Locations of NSCC press conferences may vary depending on several factors including, but not limited too, parking, weather, travel time, access to electrical outlets, lighting, etc. The location of the press conference will be noted in detail in the press advisory.


Reporters from each media outlet will be provided a press advisory notice which will be emailed and/or delivered in person about one week ahead of time informing them about the press conference. Within 4 days of the press advisory being sent, a representative of the company will follow up by telephone with each media outlet/contact. A second follow up the morning of the press conference can also be expected.  


A complete press kit outlining all background information related to the issues to be discussed at the press conference will be provided upon the arrival of the media.

The press kit will contain the following:

  1.  A list of press conference participants.

  2.  A formal press release, highlights of the press conference, and a few quotes from participants.

  3.  Background information about the company, stats (if warranted), production information, and details about the lead topics to be discussed.

  4.  A select number of promotional photographs.

  5.  Short biographies of participants.


All members of the press will be welcomed as they arrive and be required to sign in, with their affiliation, at which time they will be provided a press kit and be escorted to a designated seat. Coffee, tea, and light snacks will be provided.

In addition to the primary speakers, a NSCC moderator will be on site to assist in convening all press by introducing the issues to be discussed and the participants. Please note: The moderator will act as the sole person delegated to call on reporters during the question period. Media is welcome to stay after the press conference to participate in more informal conversations with the participants.