The National Stage Company of Canada welcomes local, national, and international press to schedule interviews with any artists or staff associated with its presentations in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. 


The NSCC can accommodate in-studio, on location, online, written, and/or telephone interviews depending of the requirements of print deadlines or radio/television scheduled programming. All requests must be made in writing at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled interview.


Interviews can be accommodated at any time throughout the year. This includes visits to the rehearsal studio in advance of opening night performances and/or tours. 


On Dress Rehearsal days the press core will be invited as our guests to the theatre for a formal press conference with the artists and members of the lead creative team. The press conference will be scheduled at a specific time and last not longer than 1.5 hours. All reporters will have the opportunity to meet the stars of the production, learn about the production from the creative team, capture 'on stage' rehearsal footage, whether in video or photographic formats, and pose direct questions to the artists and creative team as a group. Should a reporter wish to speak to a specific artist or creative team member one on one, such a request will be accommodated. Please let our staff know of your interest at the time of your arrival.


*Light refreshments and sandwiches will be provided to all visiting press core members. 



Newsprint, Magazine, and Online publications wishing to interview any member of The National Stage Company of Canada outside of the formal Dress Rehearsal press conference, are asked to email the producer directly with their request. 

NSCC staff and artists can accommodate in-person, telephone, pre-submitted questions via email, or on-location interviews at any time. We do request that notification from interested journalists be made as early as possible so to ensure the interviewee/s are not already previously engaged in other activities or scheduled for other interviews and can accommodate the request. If the interview is directly related to a specific production or event, then a formal press release will be provided in advance of the interview. In the event the interview is 'profile based' and not associated with a specific production, a formal biography will also be provided. 

Should the publication request a supporting photo-shoot be part of the profile feature, please provide details on the style the interviewee should be dressed in, the shoot location address, and the requested time the artist should be on site. Should a publication wish to send a photographer to shoot still images, either in a rehearsal and/or during a performance, a designated time will be set to accommodate. 

The NSCC requests that 6 hard copies of each publication be set aside for archival purposes. 



Radio and Podcast hosts, producers and music directors wishing to schedule an artist or a member of the creative team for either an 'in-studio', 'on-location', or pre-recorded telephone 'call-in' interview, are asked to please email the company producer directly with the request. The producer will then assign one of its stars or creative team members to the interview unless a specific individual is requested in advance. 

The NSCC will provide all radio stations and podcast hosts with a complete press press kit, contact info, and biography of the guest at the time of inquiry. The NSCC asks that a copy of ALL interviews be recorded for prosperity and emailed as a MP3 to Should a cost be associated with this request we kindly ask that you advise us in advance.  



Television News Director and Journalists seeking to interview any company members or creative staff outside of formal press conferences are asked to submit requests directly to the producer. Artists and creative staff are available year-round for both on-location and/or in-studio interviews. 

Should you request that the artist/s perform 'live' as part of the interview we kindly ask that you submit the request at the time of scheduling. 

Television news journalists seeking to capture 'on-stage' footage will be invited to the exclusive 'press only' afternoon dress rehearsal press conference where you will have the opportunity to video pre-selected on stage scenes. Should journalists be interested in capturing 'in-studio' rehearsal footage, we ask that you inform us as early as possible so that we can take the necessary steps in anticipation of your visit to the studio. 

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Online Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, You Tube, Vimeo hosts interested in interviewing artist or creative staff for stories that are specifically intended for social media platforms are asked to contact the producer with their request. Artists can accommodate a wide variety of requests including, but not limited too, submitted questions and answers, video conference interviews and live performances, along with special contesting messages. 

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Press journalists seeking promotional images for publications and/or still imaging as part of television interview segments are asked to contact the company photographer who is authorized to submit images on the company's behalf. Please be advised that full photographic credit MUST be given to the photographer when publishing company images.


From time to time, select images will accompany to the formal press release/kit for use in print publications. Should you require a higher resolution or something specific, please provide those details prior to going to press. 

Online and television journalists/networks seeking to add stock footage to any interview or promotional commercial are asked to please make the request directly to the company videographer who will be able to provide a selection of footage samples for your consideration. 

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Radio stations that require or request supporting music be part of the formal interview are asked to please contact the producer as early as possible so that accommodations can be made. 

Please indicate both the format and duration you require at the time of your request. 

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Company press releases are continuously sent out to all press as it relates business matters, special events, visiting guest stars, and productions. These releases are drafted with exact information needed to effectively communicate the intended message from the organization, and its programming. Press Releases are sent out several weeks in advance to to allow the press core the opportunity to follow up and schedule time and space for interviews. For all NSCC events and production releases will be provided in advance. 


NSCC press kits are distributed at all press conferences and will be available on the media page of this website for all productions, both domestic and international. 

NSCC press kits include the following, but are not limited too, company backgrounders, production overview and synopsis, ticket information including special discounts and preview pricing, biographies of all performance stars and creative staff, promotional quotes, special press details, interview opportunities and story angles content, promotional images, company logo, sponsor details, special messages, downloadable instructions for video, music and photo clips and images, along with fact sheets. 


With all National Stage Company of Canada productions, the company designates a specific number of seats to each performance for critics and reviewers. We encourage those interested in reviewing our productions to please notify us 48 hours in advance so that we can take the necessary steps to ensure that your seat is reserved at the box office prior to your arrival. All press seating is complimentary. *Two seats per reporter.